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With so many of us finding lockdown is highlighting several key health concerns, as our lifestyles have become less active, less social and our eating patterns are disrupted, Ancient + Brave wanted to reassure their customers old and new of the benefits of their products, and the quality of their ingredients.

Common concerns at this time include stay home weight gain, managing stress from home-working and home-schooling and finding ways to support the immune system. Rest assured our delicious, nutritious products are just one click away and many of the botanical ingredients and advanced nutraceuticals will help offer a serving of lockdown comfort, TLC and daily nutritional support for all these issues, and more.

For more info on which of their delicious ingredients contain these immunity boosting treats read their blog post  “What’s Inside”  but in brief many of their products offer the following:

+  hydrolysed collagen peptides, vegan amino acids & vitamin C for stay home beauty rituals
+  nootropic coffee, seaweed, iodine & MCT to help support cognitive function
+  adaptogenic ashwagandha to help build stress resilience
+  buffered vitamin C and vegan vitamin D3 for daily immune support  
+  prebiotic fibre for feeling fuller for longer to help prevent mindless snacking
+  plant proteins to help support muscle mass and muscle growth
+  MCT to support ketogenic diets and fasting
+  comfort factor when feeling overwhelmed and need of a pick-me-up
Now’s the time to focus on our daily wellbeing. Nutritional supplements can provide an extra layer of support when your normal healthy food options may be restricted or unavailable.
You can purchase Ancient + Brave products directly from the Luxury Fine Living Shop here.
Thank you to Ancient + Brave for this great information.


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