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We created Luxury Fine Living to bring together a fabulous portfolio of some of the most amazing products in the market that cover every aspect of our lives, from health and wellbeing, beauty, food, nutrition and home. Building on the success of Luxury Fine Foods, Danielle envisioned a wider range of well-being focussed products and pivoted the business to become Luxury Fine Living in 2019, encompassing her passion for healthy living and becoming a leader in consultancy and distribution that it is today.

Luxury Fine Living is a new and developed brand which wholly focuses on nourishing and protecting you from the inside out.

We believe true beauty comes from within and all the brands we work with believe this too and provide products that help you to flourish. At the heart of Luxury Fine Living is an importance of being healthy, sustainable and promoting a better lifestyle from the inside out.

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meet dani

ceo & founder

"Danielle is one of the hardest working individuals I know. Her business is thriving and constantly expanding.

She has a wealth of experience in sales and marketing in a varied field spanning 25 years...though she doesn't look a day over 30!


Over the last 5 years she has taken her passion of living a healthy lifestyle into her work, working with some of the best health and well being products in the market.

She really cares about people and takes their business under her wing, nurturing and advising where needed, placing them in some of the most prestigious stores in the UK or overseas to help their business grow.


Danielle has a skill for finding unique products, building relationships and doing her best to get them out in the market to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.  Knowing she can  help to make a difference in their world makes a difference in hers.


She is a fitness freak and an amazing mum! 

Her French Bulldog is part of the team, alerting us to deliveries!"


Interesting fact:
Danielle lived in Antigua, supplying a supermarket with British products aimed at the yachting sector and supplied the mega yachts.

-Written by Zoe, Account Manager at Luxury Fine Living

meet ZOE


"Zoe trained as a Beauty and Holistic Therapist 25years ago and has spent those years in various different areas of the health and beauty industry, like a top Health Spa, Clarins and Virgin Atlantic to name a few.

Zoe is a mum of three,  loves getting out in the fresh air on country walks with her family and their dog.

She has a passion for healthy living and nutrition and clean ingredients and loves Yoga and Pilates.

I have known Zoe for 30 years. She has an amazing heart and will do anything for anyone. When looking to expand my business I could not think of a better person to be part of the team. She is family and it felt right to have her in the business. She is very knowledgeable about the ingredients in the products we source so I feel we are a great combination. Zoe takes her time and is very patient. 


A key member of my team"

Interesting fact:

Zoe previously worked on private jets with Richard Branson.

-Written by Danielle, CEO at Luxury Fine Living


meet Chloe

Joining Luxury Fine Living with a wealth of knowledge in health and wellbeing, Chloe is supporting the sales team as LFL continues to grow and collaborate with new and exciting brands as well as nurture the relationships with our existing producers. 

After studying in Nottingham, Chloe has been awarded a degree specialising in sleep psychology, making her an incredible asset as we continue to explore sleep oriented products and work with the best up and coming brands. 

When she's not working, she enjoys time with her puppy Luna and heading off to explore the world. 

Welcome to the LFL family, Chloe!


Whilst Dani and Zoe keep Luxury Fine Living moving on a day-to-day basis, we have a team behind the scenes making it all happen.

From our distribution and logistics team to our accountants, each and every person that helps to make Luxury Fine Living thrive is crucial to our continued success. So, whether it's your own product or you're a retailer, you're in the safest hands.


Luxury Fine Living recognise their corporate and social responsibility and are committed to improving society as a whole through their conduct during business activities and the wider impact.

The purpose of the policy is to detail how Luxury Fine Living will ensure they meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so far as reasonably practicable.

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Environmental Responsibility

Luxury Fine Living will endeavour to reduce waste generated from its activities, the energy it takes to complete its day to day functions and to the materials it uses. Where waste materials have been generated, we will aim to recycle as much as possible.

We are striving to reduce the amount of paper that we use in our office, considering what we print and using paperless systems which we will continue to develop and improve in order to reduce our paper impact. Any paper that is used will be recycled.

Carbon Footprint

Luxury Fine Living recognises that our work takes us all around the UK and at times fuel is required. Where possible we will try to reduce this by utilising technology to reduce our travelling by attending meeting via conferencing facilities and using public transport wherever it is feasible to do so.

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Luxury Fine Living will ensure that its employees are aware of their responsibilities and the conduct expected to enact its vision of being a socially responsible organisation, committed to the reduction of environmental and social impact. The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that performance is monitored and continual improvement is driven.

Luxury Fine Living will ensure that they maintain a working environment which is safe to its employees and others who might be affected by its work activities. Steps will be made wherever reasonably practicable to exceed the minimum requirement and work to industry best practice. We will ensure that all employees are trained and competent to undertake the roles they have been asked and that we will develop our employees to be best of their abilities.


Where possible, we will purchase equipment from fair trade sources. Our company ethos, that we ensure follows through to all our brands, is that products should be healthy, sustainable, environmentally sound, made with great ingredients and with a great provenance.

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The brands we represent need to follow the same ethical considerations as Luxury Fine Living. These include great consideration over packaging, wherever possible this should be plastic free. They should be conscious of their own carbon footprint and use sustainable ingredients that can be traced back to source.