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Supernova Living – The very best advanced vegan protein on the market

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Supernova are not just a brand, they are a lifestyle. They live and breathe healthy living creating incredible vegan protein powders.

Supernova are not just a brand, they are a lifestyle. They live and breathe healthy living creating incredible vegan protein powders.   

Co-founded by husband and wife, Jermaine and Laura Beckford in June 2018, they lead a holistic lifestyle in the country with their two children, living on a plant-based diet with meditation, yoga and their infrared sauna as daily occurrences.

Jermaine Beckford was a professional footballer in the UK. Having played in the Premier League for Everton, Leicester, Leeds, Bolton and Chelsea in his youth along with Jamaica. With over 160 goals in his career, he pushed his body to the limits every day and needed to respect and support his body with the right supplementation.

Laura is from a family with an interest, knowledge and awareness of health and wellness for hundreds of years with family members being, Reiki Masters, Nutritionists and Naturopaths. Her great granny lived to be age 100 and used to pick nettle leaves for tea, unheard of 30 years ago and now a health shop staple item.

Together, searching for organic vegan proteins they did not find anything that satisfied their requirements.  They wanted a powder that did not cause bloating or stomach aches, did not include whey or casein yet provided more energy and focus without the addition of artificial sugars and sweeteners.

Supernova Living was born.

From extensive market research Supernova found men and women had different priorities and wanted different things to be able to excel in their everyday life.

Men wanted more protein for energy and post workout, more stamina and endurance, stress relief and gut health.

Women wanted anti-ageing, de-bloating, gut health, more energy, hormone balancing and less stress, so they catered each blend to these specific needs.

One of the brands USP’s is that the organic adaptogens are in therapeutic levels with most being 100% of the RDA so they create a significant effect on the body, from stress relief to hormones balancing.

Simply mix with water or plant milk.  Available to purchase here.

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