We recognise that no two brands and products are alike. We get to know you, your product, your story and your long-term strategy. We embrace your passions, understand what makes you unique and work with you to build your best route to future success.

We will develop your story and marketing message ready to introduce you to the finest partners in the world, from high end department stores like Selfridges to luxury yachts.

We’ll get to know your product from ingredients to packaging and more, we’ll learn all about you and build your frictionless path to new markets and retailers.

We pitch to trusted high-end luxury retailers in the UK and across the globe, ensuring that they are the perfect fit for your product. You will soon see your brand on their shelves, which is usually a difficult step for start-up and small businesses.

We only represent brands which follow our own ethos ‘Healthy From The Inside Out’, who insist on great ethical, moral and sustainable paths.

As Luxury Fine Living already has a trusted relationship with retailers, wholesalers and buyers, they know that products shown to them will already have been approved by LFL and therefore suitable for their clients. We are set up with the systems required so there is no additional admin for you to complete.

We already offer them a great portfolio of products so they know that if your product has come through LFL that it will be well received.

Contact us to find out more about what we can do to get your great brand seen, globally.


Ancient & Brave

Ancient + Brave

“We have really enjoyed working with Danielle and have secured a fantastic listing with Selfridges which we are very proud of.  Her passion about the products always shines through and it is like having her as an extension of our sales team.  We look forward to celebrating many more listings with her”.

8 Greens

“Danielle makes working together so easy. Her knowledge of the retailers and what they need is second to none and she steers you through the new partnership process with ease. Danielle’s professional approach, her great understanding of brands, her helpful advice and collaborative style make it a delight to work with Luxury Fine Living”.



We are extremely excited to be working with Luxury Fine Living. Working together has been such a smooth process from the very start! Professional, knowledgeable, and passionate! Thank you to the team at LFL. ”.

Lady A

Lady A

Working with Danielle has been an absolute delight, she is very friendly, personable, and understanding of my brand and its potential. ”.

Brite Focus

It is a pleasure working with Danielle, she is proactive, transparent, and passionate about our brand, which helps us build great partnerships. Together with Danielle, we managed to reach key decision-makers much faster than we would have done it on our own”.

CBD Performance

It has been fantastic working with Danielle @ Luxury Fine Living. She is extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and has been a real asset to helping with new listings for CBD Performance. We are looking forward to continuing to grow together”.


Luxury Fine Living

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